By Samantha Stubitz

Copy Editor


Guys, who will you ask? Girls, what will you wear? What will your Filly football name be? These are the many thoughts and topics of conversation surrounding BHS Homecoming every year. Most students at BHS have Homecoming marked on their calendar as September 24, 2011 7-11 p.m. in the main gym. Maybe a few junior and senior girls would consider Friday night Filly Football as part of that definition. However, aside from just the dance, there are many Homecoming festivities that celebrate the unity and tradition of the Barrington community for future graduates, high school students, and alumni alike.

 A staple attraction for all ages and faces is the homecoming parade, when the students, alumni, local businesses, and spectators come together as one to celebrate the community and show their spirit at the parade.

 “Barrington is one of the few communities in the Chicago area that has a parade. When you look at the age of participation and the fact that all these people want to come out and watch, it shows the spirit, community, and camaraderie of Barrington,” Mimi Burke, a BHS alumni who is also a BHS parent, said. The parade celebrates the active role that Barrington High School has had in the community for over sixty years.

 “It shows a real history of the high school being a central part of our community, and that we really care about our high school and can rally around it,” Holly Madden, a BHS alumni and parent, said.

 In addition to the parade, the assembly is a tradition that rallies the students and faculty and has more recently been a host for a Filly Football showdown.

 “It shows that we are a tight-knit community with lots of spirit,” senior Andy Adams said.

 Along with the Homecoming court, the assembly gives recognition to sports and performances such as flags, poms, cheerleading, band, and orchesis.

 “It shows the unity between the different sports teams. Everyone cheers for each other,” senior Nicole Ingram said.

 So if you’re not one for dancing, Homecoming weekend has some outlet for everyone to come together, show his/her spirit, and celebrate why Barrington is such a “great place to live, work, and play.”