Mehgan Keeley

Sports Editor

…does high school resemble a roller-coaster ride way too much?
Freshman year:
First step into the doors of high school; first research paper to write with ten citation sources; first encounter with the inside of a locker. Except that the last one doesn’t really happen (thank you, Disney Channel high school). You spend a lot of your first year trying to figure out what you want to do in your high school experience, and for some, even in your life. But by the time junior year rolls around, you’ll realize it wasn’t worth it because you’ll change your mind anyway. I kind of miss the innocence of it all though—not in the childish way, but in the child-like way. Freshmen are always so eager in what they’re doing and quick to embrace the “high school experience.” You spend too much time in the MRC. People underestimate you more than you deserve. But it’s all so exciting! First hill, it’s the steepest when your energy sky-rockets! Go high school!
Sophomore year:
OK, does anyone remember anything from sophomore year? It was fun getting our licenses. And we started taking more challenging classes. But sophomore year is always kind of the in-between phase; it’s a mellow time that you really miss by the time second semester junior year rolls around. But new maturity is reached, and you calm down from the obnoxiousness you felt was so necessary last year (thank goodness). Only one semester of gym-wahoo! But yeah we’re kind of at that flat part of the coaster before a hill, when the brakes go on. There’s anticipation and all, but nothing too memorable.
Junior year:
Powderpuff! Driving to the homecoming dance without our parents!…it’s about time. First semester is going strong except for those harder classes your counselor found it so necessary for you to upgrade to; standardized tests are kicking off soon, but there are a lot opportunities to make up for a bad score, no pressure is pretty light right about now. Socially, junior year owns. Everyone seemed to mature over the summer, and things are gettinga  lot less cliquey. Plus, there’s Powderpuff and, later in the year, prom. But then second semester rolls around, and your stress level sky-rockets from high to–I’m not going to suger-coat it–colossal. I can’t speak for everyone, but for the most part, everyone seems to be pretty high strung, especially April ACT/AP testing. But the bright side: prom is so worth it. The whole weekend is a blast, and the fact that the school year is coming to its end makes it that much easier to have an awesome time. To be honest, there isn’t one part of our roller coaster ride we can really pinpoint junior year with. Because it’s a roller coaster in itself. Fun>stress>stress>STRESS>excitement. I guess the part when the ride goes through a loop? Lurches your stomach. Calms you down on a small hill. Then sky-rockets your adrenaline on a finishing corkscrew. Thank goodness that part is over.
Senior year:
Not too much experience on this one yet, except for the entire (has it really only been a) month I’ve ridden here. Started out with a lot more stress than I’d expected; after junior year was over, I had anticipated the rest of high school to be pretty smooth-sailing. But between the college applications (it’s really just those tedious essays), difficult classes, most of us having jobs, participating in sports, <add on extra resume activites here>….it’s not nearly as laid-back as I thought it’d be. I’ve heard things lighten up though once the apps go in (as if we’re not reminded of them every other hour of the day). And I can’t wait until we hit that high next semester of actually knowing where we’ll be going to college. After six-ish years of thinking about it, stressing about it after failing one insignificant test, six months of pulling our hair out striving to perfect the ACT–we’re going to be there. Our nerves will be replaced with excitement, and we’ll be off to the next ride in the park–only to experience a whole new rollercoaster in itself.